About Us

Who we are

Master Cask was established in 2010 by Founding director, Darren Lange. With 30 years of industry experience, he set the foundations of a successful business including importation of premium barrels from France and a cooperage in Hobart. 

In 2017, Christopher Malcolm joined Darren as director. Together Christopher and Darren invested in the growth of the company adding an additional cooperage in Adelaide and expanding the portfolio of exclusive brands to the Australian market.

Our philosophy is to provide expertise, best in class quality and to always add value to our clients. We see ourselves as an extension of the brands we represent. Our aim it so challenge the status quo and bring innovative change to the way barrels are sold. We offer expert advice on the application of the cooperage products we represent and the role of oak in wine and spirit products.

Wine Barrels:

Master Cask is a specialized oak barrel business, representing a diverse and balanced portfolio of wine barrels to meet a comprehensive range of modern winemaking styles across all Australian wine regions.

Importantly each cooperage we represent offer a unique point of difference in terms of the impact of the cooperage on the wine. There are many factors that contribute to this. Our skill is to understand both the style of the barrel, what it will bring to a wine and to interpret our client’s application techniques to ensure the best outcome. View our latest Award Winning Barrels here


Maturation Vessels:

Master is the exclusive supplier of TAVA and Sonoma Cast Stone. TAVA provide a range of premium Amphore direct from Italy. Sonoma provide a range of concrete tanks direct from USA. These vessels are custom made to our clients specifications. We arrange the order and logistics of each of those products.

Spirit Barrels: 

Master Cask represent a best in class portfolio of international and local coopers with commitment to volumes of outstanding quality inventory. Our international coopers have established reputations amongst the best in the world.

Expert Maturation Consulting Services:

Our team of expert maturation specialists will assist you with selecting the right barrels and specifications to meet your unique flavour profile. We will work with your distillers and stakeholders to refine your requirements, and assist with forecasting to build your whisky bank over time. Some of our long term Consulting Service include Archie Rose, Adelaide Hills Distillery, Neds Bourbon and Lark Distilling. Pricing for our consulting services varies according to scope and need.  Contact us to have a chat about how we can add value to your maturation investment.

By representing Tasmanian and South Australian cooperages, we are able to provide flexibility with ordering, full barrel customisation and efficiencies with supplying both the Mainland and Tasmania. Our experienced logistics team will ensure that all stages of delivery from the cooperage to the winery or distillery are managed and communicated.