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Australian Coopers

Hackham, South Australia

Established in 1987, Australian Coopers, formerly known as SA Cooperage, is a specialised wine spirit barrel cooperage based in the heart of the South Australian wine industry.

A full-service cooperage, meaning that the cooperage is equipped to provide a full range of coopering services from barrel repair to complete barrel manufacture including shaving and charring to customers individual specifications.

We specialise in Select Bourbon, fortified and table wines, New French and American Oak along with other prefilled spirits barrels such as cognac and Rum when available.

Fully Coopered
Using your oak selection our team can cooper your barrels based on your requirements. Our coopering equipment can produce barrels in any size from 10L, 20L, 100L, 120L, 225L and 300L


Offering repair services to ensure the quality of used barrels. Whether its re-tightening hoops, replacing cracked staves or fixing leakers, our coopers will ensure your barrels are ready for use. We have strong quality assurance processes in place by testing each barrel before it leaves.


We give new life to your oak barrels, by shaving and re charring a used barrel, making it suitable for new fills.