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2021 Tasting Australia - Spirits Award Winners

We would like to congratulate all the winners at this year's Spirits Awards. Our very own Darren Lange was one of the guest judges this year and he had the pleasure at tasting some of Australia's best whisky's and spirits.

A special mention to the following distilleries, where our barrels were used to mature the award whisky:

Fleurieu Distillery –

3 x gold,

1 x silver

1 x trophy for Champion whisky

SA Cooperage barrels

Overeem –

2 x trophy's for best Small Cask, and Best Small Batch Spirit,

1 x gold and 2 x silver

- SA Cooperage barrels

Starward Solera –

1 x Gold –

primarily in SA Cooperage Apera barrels.

Tria Prima –

2 x silver

SA Cooperage barrels

Starward –

1 x gold

Master Cask/Kelvin Cooperage barrels

Neds Bourbon –

4 x silver

Master Cask/Kelvin Cooperage barrels

SA Cooperage is now known as Australian Coopers.
Our Adelaide based cooperage that can Cooper barrels from 10L to 300L, matched to your specifications. Contact us for more information and pricing.

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